Evaluate What You Tolerate! Bay Area Artists Collaborate to Fight the Hate

With the recent tragedy in Charlottesville and rising race tension, San Fransisco area musicians compilation to fight hate.

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What better to fight hate with than art?

San Fransisco based artists are taking a stand against white supremacy, racism, and hate. What better to fight hate with than art? For centuries, art has been a vehicle for learning and has helped society move forward. While we're seeing more of a reluctantly progressive society these days, amazing people like the artists of the Bay Area are working hard to get the message spread and received. "We felt this was an important moment to show that Bay Area punks won't stand for fascism and to tell those who are directly affected everyday by hate that we'll fight for them no matter what," says Vanessa T, organizer of the compilation and zine.

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At a glance, Evaluate What You Tolerate is a two-volume cassette compilation with an accompanying zine. The project is chalked full of incredible content both entertaining and informative. Song of the talent featured on the cassettes include Wax Idols, Super Unison, Mall Walk, and Maya Songbird all both nationally and locally acclaimed for their presence in the punk community. The zine is a compilation of art and stories from the front lines of the resistance. While there is a strong presence of the individual standing up against hate within this project, there are also great projects involved. The Arab Resource Organizing Center, a group that provides grass roots and legal aid to the Arab community in the Bay Area contributed along with The Trans Assistance Project. It's truly astounding to see how so many individuals and organizations have come together to create this powerful entity of visual art, stories, and music that is intended to fully immerse their audience into the resistance of fascism, hate, and white supremacy. Twenty-five artists per track and a plethora of individuals and organizations have contributed.

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The San Fransisco area has been a buzz with protests since President Trump was elected, fearing his rhetoric would encourage hate in their area. "It's great having people in the streets," says Cat Brooks, a founder of the Anti-Police Terror Project and member of Black Lives Matter Bay Area. "But we need to be on the offensive, not just the defensive. We need to not just be reactive to the terms of the state, but to the fact that we are under militarized occupation every single day." I think that information and learning is the best way to sought after change and action and so a multi-sensory compilation is a great step in the right direction.

Check out the bands on Evaluate What You Tolerate here.

  • Wax Idols
  • No Statik
  • SBSM
  • Los Huaycos
  • Otzi
  • Mass Arrest
  • Esses
  • Mozart
  • Inverts
  • Acrylics
  • Mall Walk
  • No Babies
  • Mystic Priestess
  • B.D.
  • Baus
  • Drama
  • Ugly
  • Street Eaters
  • Spray Tan
  • Warp
  • Don't Ask
  • Jesus and The Dinosaurs
  • Maya Songbird
  • Composite
  • Strange Faces
  • Primary
  • The Ink Bats
  • Mabs
  • Silent Era
  • Preening
  • Super Unison
  • Fatty Cakes and The Puff Pasteries
  • Mane
  • High Anxiety
  • Ragana
  • Nopes
  • False Figure
  • Revolution Bummer
  • V.E.X.
  • Hammerbombs
  • Straight Crimes
  • Monster Squad
  • Bitterfruit
  • Space Toilet
  • Healers
  • Marriage + Cancer
  • Syndicate

Evaluate What You Tolerate is hosting a release party at Eli's Mile High Club on November 4th where they will sell each cassette for $10 and the zine for $10. It's also available electronically on Bandcamp here.

Silent Era

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Anie Delgado is a contributor to Popdust and is an actress and musician based in NYC. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @anie_delgado and on Facebook and check out her music on Spotify.

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