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Ashe's first time at Coachella was on stage.

There's something about a crowd screaming in unison, Ashe says, "it's really beautiful." This surreal moment happened to her for the first time backstage for Coachella. Many twenty-somethings dream of going to Coachella to dress in their festival best, dance like nobody's watching, and partake in shinagans. For Ashe, Coachella became a reality not only as a spectator but as a performer. Ashe's quick success came when her single "Used to It" rose in the Spotify Viral 50 charts to number one. " Her song with Louis the Child "World On Fire" also saw over 2 million streams. Ashe is a star waiting to burst, we sat down to talk about her inspiration and the road that lead her to touring this year with Louis The Child and Whethan.

Growing up in Northern California to a very Christian family, Ashe admitted a lot of the music she was exposed to in her early years was Christian radio. Her family, devoted to their Christian faith always played it in the car and encouraged her to perform at church. Though Ashe made it clear that Christian music isn't her favorite genre though she has an immense amount of respect for it, she values all of the years of playing and singing at church. "It was really good practice," she said. She praises her grandfather for exposure to mainstreamed music. She said that her and her grandfather would often play Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan on car rides. "He would pretend to sing," she said fondly. After growing up in a little bit of a bubble, Ashe ventured to the prestigious Berklee School of Music in Boston and was exposed to a whole new world. "I was mind blown," she commented of her time at Berklee. Though Boston has arguably one of the best music scenes, Ashe told me she was guilty of staying in the "Berklee Bubble," a phrase a lot of students there used to describe the close-knit culture of the student body. She said, "I was just trying to soak it all up," the other talented artists, the teachers' expertise, everything. After school, she was lead back to California, but this time to Los Angeles.

"LA is cool," she said though she never dreamed of moving there. "I'm from Northern California," she explained; apparently, there is a rivalry of sorts there. For a while, Ashe and her husband commuted from San Diego to LA, but when Ashe's career picked up, they decided to move to Hollywood. With her recent performance at Coachella with Big Gigantic and Kid Evo, Ashe has wanted to perform live more and more. This fall she's seized the opportunity to tour with two different artists. "I'm really excited to be doing my own stuff," she said, "to make a fool out of myself," she adds with a giggle. She says her biggest hope is that everyone who comes out to the concert has a good time. She said sometimes it feels like artists strive so hard to "be perfect," but it's just about having fun.

Listen to "Used To It" here.

Her recent single "Used To It," has seen many versions from the original above, to my personal favorite a stripped version, to various remixes. This goes to show what a fundamentally great song it is. The catchy hook and vocal riff captures your ear and gets stuck in your mind. While the stripped version is an intimate vocal piece almost a little jazz-standard-esque, the original song in combination with the nicely balanced modern and throwback production is a total banger that you'd dance to and sing at the top of your lungs. Ashe says that her process is always coming from an honest place and sitting down t a piano. She likes being in control. She'll nail down the melody and chorus first and slowly build it. An artist with that kind of versatility is certainly on my radar. Ashe's new single comes out November 10th and I am so ready for it.

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