Exclusive Interview | RedOne talks new song "Boom Boom"

RedOne collaborated with Daddy Yankee, French Montana, and Dinah Jane in this epic banger.


"Life and good people. Positive people," inspire a song for RedOne.

We were fortunate enough to sit down with the powerhouse producer RedOne to hear his take on his new song "Boom Boom." Possibly one of the most epic collaborations I've seen, RedOne worked with Daddy Yankee, French Montana, and Dinah Jane on this one. The music video is equally epic taking place in Los Angeles, Marrakesh, among other places suggesting that this song will transport you to parties all over the world. The video follows two girls visiting parties in beautiful tropical places all over the world complete with jets with colored smoke, horses, and a lion. Daddy Yankee, French Montana, and Dinah Jane each takeover a part of the song showcasing their unique abilities but also fit seamlessly together in the hook. The mastermind behind the whole operation says that "life and good people. Positive people," inspire a song for him.

Specifically, "Lady" by Modijo inspired "Boom Boom" for RedOne. He says, "I always want to use part of an old hit and make it my own." Beyond his keen ear for music, in my opinion, his energy is what makes his music so special. He told me, "It comes from my personality. I'm all about positivity and spreading love and since I'm a musician, producer, and artist, I use it as my vehicle." RedOne also values the light and unique things his collaborators bring to the table. Of French, Daddy, and Dinah he says, "It's a blessing. It was amazing because everybody brings something different to the table and the mix becomes so unique and so special."


This is in no way RedOne's first rodeo when it comes to collaborating and writer's rooms. Having worked with a laundry list of household names RedOne is responsible for a number of hits like Lady Gaga's "Just Dance," Nicki Minaj's "Starships" and more. I figured he'd have some pretty amazing stories from the writer's room. He says, "There are too many funny stories, but one of them is when Enrique [Iglesias] gets hold of your phone and starts texting people randomly and puts you in weird situations." Enrique Iglesias was featured on one of RedOne's recent albums and the two had collaborated before that as well. Clearly they have a funny relationship. With everyone knocking on his door to collaborate, RedOne says that he chooses collaborations based on the artist and on songs he's already written. "Sometimes the songs dictate who it suits, and sometimes the artist inspires me to start from zero and create something tailor-made."

RedOne grew up listening to everything which is perhaps part of the reason he can produce across so many genres. "R&B, Rock, Soul, Pop, Classical, Flamenco, African music to Middle Eastern," were just some of the genres he was drawn to, arming him with a catalogue of inspiration to chose from. He told me that he started his career as an artist in Sweden, but "had too much music in my head and the only way I could get it all out is to produce for other artists." Commonly seen on stage I wondered if he might have some pre show rituals or practices to help keep the nerves away. He says, "I always make sure I laugh, I relax, and I pray. And I keep my mind focused on what I need to do. And then I have fun with it!" Sounds like the best kind of plan to me.

We've seen RedOne for almost a decade and "Boom Boom," is proof that he's as versatile as ever and is always evolving. He tells me, "Life is always giving you new experiences and impressions and constantly influences your writing. You always grow and develop. Positivity and good energy is everything to me." This positivity shines through in his countless hits from "Born This Way" to "Stupid Love," and now in "Boom Boom." Everything RedOne touches is a celebration.

With such passion and positivity RedOne's definitely on my dream collaboration list. New artists rejoice, RedOne believes in developing new talent, "Right now I'm working with Enrique Iglesias, and Daddy Yankee, among others, and I've been developing some new talent that might be tomorrow's biggest stars. They have the potential to become the next big thing. Right now I'm focusing on hit singles, and that will eventually develop into an album." If you loved "Don't You Need Somebody" then definitely keep your ears open for their next collaboration.

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