MUSIC MONDAY | Future Thieves heists this week's playlist

Buckle down because this week's exhilarating new playlist is brought to you by Future Thieves.

What a bright time, it's the right time, to rock the night away.

Nashville based band Future Thieves is getting in the holiday spirit with a Christmas themed playlist. They shared with me that this is some of their favorite holiday music to pump them up before a performance. Good thing they made it too- they have a performance coming up. If you're in the Nashville area and love all things Christmas, indie rock, and Future Thieves, be sure to stop by. Word on the street is even if you're a little ways away, it's worth the drive as Future Thieves are known for their annual Christmas show. This year, they're playing at The Basement East on December 16th. Want one better? The show is completely free and they sell $1 Beers. Sign me up!

Future Thieves also recently released the music video for their song "Sucker" and it's giving me some serious throwback vibes. When I watch this video, I think back to the good old Galaxy Skateway in my hometown, eating cheap hotdogs, and flirting with the bowling attendants. I personally love the skate-orgraphy throughout the music video and think their roller rink stage is a cool, inventive place to perform. The music video is fluid and moves quickly seemingly in one long shoot giving you the same electric, energetic feel of a skating rink. Also, kudos to their guitarist for playing guitar on skates while having his hair blown by a leaf blower. If that doesn't scream rockstar, I don't know what does. The serious, but also low-key humorous delivery by the lead singer and front man engages.

Watch "Sucker" here.

Now, what you've been waiting for: this week's playlist! Check out the band's commentary on this:

"We have a recurring Michael McDonald impression that comes out of Nick and G every once in a while while they're driving. What an interesting voice. This is why he makes the cut here." "'Mistletoe' by Bieber is pretty damn bad, but he says 'shawty' in a Christmas song. For being so groundbreaking, it makes our list." "Paul McCartney is the greatest. And this is the ultimate Christmas song."

Agreed. Bieber did break the glass ceiling, so to speak, when he managed to fit "shawty" into a Christmas song. Check out the playllist here:

Definitely give this one a listen. It has absolutely everything from the classics like "I'll Be Home for Christmas" to the recent classics like "All I Want for Christmas" to the niche classics like one of my personal favorites "Little Saint Nick" by the Beach Boys... oh and bonus points for putting an *NSYNC song on there and the best version of "Baby It's Cold Outside," by Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey (RIP relationship goals).

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