MUSIC MONDAY | Came early this week thanks to *repeat repeat's Halloween playlist

*repeat repeat hijacked Music Monday this week early to bring you your Halloween playlist.

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Happy Halloween Popdusters! We're throwing you a Halloween playlist curated by *repeat repeat in lieu of Music Monday this week. Check our their picks! (Personal favorite: Planet Clare)

Looking for a Halloween afterparty? Nashvillians can party Saturday night away with *repeat repeat Saturday night. Come in costume as local indie rockers, *repeat repeat and PHANGS, play the night away in East Nashville.

Location: The Crying Wolf | 823 Woodland St
Tickets: Free
Time: 11 p.m.

Spotify users can listen to the full playlist here.


1. "Attack Of The Ghost Riders" | The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

This is actually a cover of a song by The Raveonettes. Vocalist Mette Lindberg has this 60's tiny voice that spread out over the track and allows you to sit comfortably in the song until the horns come in with the pulsating kick drum. It's a back-and-forth of calm and dizziness that would be the perfect soundtrack to a chase scene in a horror flick. Instagram // Twitter // Facebook

2. "Kill!" | The Raveonettes

We're big Raveonettes fans, especially during Halloween. This album, "Pe'ahi" was front to back a whirlwind of creepiness. The band has always been big on the schtick and even bigger on the washed out reverb, but on this album they take it to the max. On "Kill!" we hear a terrifying story about the singers father, complete with the industrial machinery sounds in the background adding to the intesity.Instagram // Twitter // Facebook

3. "Ghosting" | Mother Mother

Mother Mother is one of our all-time favorite bands. They are out of Canada, and this track is off an older record of theirs called "Oh My Heart". The song is basically a love song written from the perspective of a lonely ghost. It's a little eerie, but mostly fun and theatrical. Instagram // Twitter // Facebook

4. "Dracula's Wedding" | Outkast

Any song by Outkast about Dracula has to be on a Halloween playlist duh.Instagram // Twitter // Facebook

5. "Tear You Apart" | She Wants Revenge

I always hated this song in high school. At the time is sounded equal parts misogynistic and like a bad Interpol knockoff. It wasn't until I saw murderous vampire sex scene in "American Horror Story" set to this song that it actually worked perfectly and I started to enjoy the song in a different context. Instagram // Twitter // Facebook

6. "False Alarm" | The Weeknd

Maybe "Starboy" was just so big, but I felt like this song was underrated and deserved to be a lot bigger. When it came out, I was blown away by the production and theatrics on the track, I thought it sounded like an amped up crazy person with the way The Weeknd goes from screams to softly singing. It's really perfect, it may not be a slow-burner, but it's a banger that gets your blood pumping.Instagram // Twitter // Facebook

7. "Ghost" | *repeat repeat

This is song by us. It's off our new record "Floral Canyon". It's about a ghost. Instagram // Twitter // Facebook

8. "Cho Cha" | Teddybears feat. CeeLo Green & The B-52's

Kristyn and I call each other Cho Cha for no real reason at all. One day I looked up Cho Cha on Spotify and this song came up. It's also about a cat (we have 5 cats) so this became our jam immediately. It's got this crazy groove and might be one of the weirdest songs I've ever heard, but you can't beat a guest spot by the fucking B-52's!Instagram // Twitter // Facebook

9. "Planet Clare" | The B-52's

The opening of this song always reminds me of a murder scene from a 60's grindhouse film. We opened one of our Halloween shows with this theme a few years ago. This track perfectly encapsulates the B-52's entire catalogue, it's weird, spooky but also you can dance to it.Instagram // Twitter // Facebook

10. "Trick Pony" | Charlotte Gainsbourg

We've always loved and been inspired by the 60's French pop Ye-Ye girls. Charlotte's father was a big member of that scene and naturally we were excited to get into some of her music. When we heard this track, off the Beck-produced "IRM", we thought it was absolutely perfect. She has a voice that is minimal and not trying to hard, and the drums roll through the track like a tribal monster. It's really fun and is great for listening to while putting up cobwebs.Instagram // Twitter // Facebook

11. "Bad Voodoo" | The Kreeps

If you play Red Dead Redemption, you already know The Kreeps. Part surf, part instrumental, part psychobilly this band makes music that the dark lord would appreciate.Twitter // Facebook

12. "Alexander All Alone" | Andy Shauf

We've probably listened to "The Party", Andy Shauf's latest release, about 800 times. Most of it is beautiful, heartfelt and so chill you might get frostbite. This track, featured later in the album, is the first one of his I ever heard and is what turned me onto him in the first place. The constant piano creates a creaky-house sensation and the strings leave room for the feeling of being haunted. It's really a brilliant song by a brilliant artist.Instagram // Twitter // Facebook

Anie Delgado is a contributor to Popdust and is an actress and musician based in NYC. Follow her on Instagram, Twitter @anie_delgado and on Facebook. Check out her music on Spotify.

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