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MUSIC MONDAY | A mixture of old, new and everything in between

This week's playlist is sure to get you through your commute.

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It's not just another manic music Monday.

October 23rd -- This week there's no particular theme to my playlist. Over the weekend, I found myself listening to a little bit of everything from the latest T. Swift single that dropped to rising rap star IDK's new track Pizza Shop.

Listen to the playlist here.

Taylor Swift | "Gorgeous"

I'm intrigued by "The New Taylor," we're seeing and hearing. This recent track seems like a love child between the old Taylor (cat lady references and all) and the new Taylor. In theory, this track is weird to me. I listen to all of the different pieces and I'm not sold, but they come together to create a track I've been playing again and again. Is it Taylor's new bad attitude or her undeniable ability to draw you in with her lyrics? I'll probably never know but this song is on repeat. Follow Taylor Swift on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter.

Roy Woods | "Instinct"

This track is smooth, smooth, smooth. Perfectly embodying the uneasy, confidence of "following [your] instinct," and putting faith in yourself. Follow Roy Woods on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Daphne Willis | "Dopamine"

Daphne Willis is way too cool. Aside from having stunning pipes her songwriting skills are on point and this song is no exception. About self-care over self-medication, "Dopamine" is the banger you need for when you're feeling yo-self. Follow Daphne Willis on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter.

Hozier | "Take Me To Church"

An oldie but goodie, I love this live recording of "Take Me To Church." There's something about this song that's really sexy in a subtle way. Hozier's rich voice could stand alone, but is accompanied by a simple guitar part creating a moody acoustic vibe. Follow Hozier on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter.

Kris Allen | Waves

This is one of those songs I've heard without hearing. On the radio, in stores, it seems this song is everywhere. This week it showed up in one of my daily mixes on Spotify and I found new appreciation for it. Kris' voice is silky smooth and the lyrics are tender. Good to actively listen to but also good background listening music to relax you, I knew this one had to be on my commuting playlist. Follow Kris Allen on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter.

Tori Kelly | "Should've Been Us"

This queen of all things riffing and belting has many amazing bangers but I was especially feeling this song this week. Perhaps it was my way to slyly sneak you another early 2000s pop song without actually sneaking you another early 2000s pop song since the song seems to be influenced by the pop queens of the early 2000s like Kelly Clarkson and Jojo. This song resents an ex lover for not letting a relationship come to fruition before ending it. Can you say relatable? Follow Tori Kelly on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter.

Tove Lo | "Cool Girl"

Tove Lo creates a deep groove with "Cool Girl." Tove Lo explores what it means to be a "cool girl." Being ironic, rolling your eyes, being ok with casual are all things she describes. In a way the song sounds almost satirical. In a way it feels like Tove Lo is saying, "Oh you wanted a cool girl? Well you got it." Follow Tove Lo on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter.

Jason Derulo | "Swalla"

I like to follow Jason Derulo's career as fellow alumni of AMDA. He's grown a lot from his days "Ridin' Solo." This song is just a great time. It gets me pumped for even the most dreaded meeting. Follow Jason Derulo on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter.

MKTO | "Just Imagine It"

This song has an excellent balance of rap and hook. Empowering and anthemic it urges you to "wake up and do something." What more motivation do you need but that on a Monday morning. It encourages that you're closer to your goals than you think. Follow MKTO on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter.

IDK | Pizza Shop

This song is really intense, but the beat is incredible. It almost feels like a three act play. The different vibes of each part of the song create an amazing dynamic. IDK tells a vibrant story. Follow IDK on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter.

BORNS | Faded Heart

BORNS are fresh on my mind since I saw them perform last Thursday with CYN at Public Arts in NYC. An avid BORNS listener since "Electric Love" days, they were even better live. "Faded Heart" is one of my favorite subway jams. Follow BORNS on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter.

CYN | Only With You

I loved seeing CYN live last week. Her gorgeous voice and sweet, sincere stage presence drew me in. Her live performance felt more stripped down but just as vibrant as her moving tracks. Follow CYN on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter.

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Anie Delgado is a contributor to Popdust and is an actress and musician based in NYC. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @anie_delgado and on Facebook and check out her music on Spotify.

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