The new single "Grey Morning" by Foxtrax is out everywhere!

We had a wild session this week on Popdust Presents with the indie-rock trio, FOXTRAX. The band is comprised of Ben Schneid (Guitar and Vocal), Jon Stenz (Drummer) and Jared Stenz (Bass). Last year, New York's homegrown, traveled to LA, then released their debut EP, The Cabin in 206. It showcases their ability to write catchy hooks with a power-pop personality. The group's influences are varied and combine nicely to produce a very full sound, even for only three.


They played 2 songs. The first was "Underwater." After joking around a little at my camera skills, they busted into this rocker. It was fist pumping from the word GO. So I strapped in and took it in. They were stomping and shouting in harmonies. It reminded me of the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club track Shuffle you Feet off the album HOWL. This certainly got them fired up.The second song was the new one, "Grey Morning" which was released everywhere August 4th, 2017. The interview follows the performance.


Firstly, it is always a good sign when the performers can make you laugh. They were laughing a bunch themselves, however we were drunk on nothing more than good vibes and music in NYC in the summertime. We had some time before taping and we got to talking about them growing up around here and frequenting Manhattan, despite growing up in Long Island. But everyone who lives in the area knows that these suburbs are as connected to the city as the boroughs are.As we got closer to our Facebook Live broadcast, Ben said he had to explain his acoustic guitar... there were a couple Grateful Dead stickers on it. One rather large one. It was to cover this hole from where it got dropped. He said it looked noticeable to him, so he put the small one on. The large one, he admitted that at 15 years old, was to make the cover-up look intentional, like he was the 'sticker guy'. lol.

Watch the interview because Brent gets them to admit they have some animosity to New York City, but they are from here so I figure they have the right. It is very funny. Found out how they ended up in a Cabin in the woods. They had a fourth member, they lost... bag of brown rice. What?!?!

FOXTRAX are so fun and a pleasure to speak with. After spending some time with Ben, John and Jared, I realized they are just really stoked to be playing music and are in the business for all the right reasons. Great presence and natural swagger that only comes from time on the road, performing the same set every night. The music they make is not only moving, it rocks too. I am going over to the Ludlow House in the Lower East Side this Friday night to see what they can do with a full backline. It should be a good time had by all. Watch the official music video for their hit song...

I just can't sit here and wonder
Waiting on the sun in the summer
I don't like the way I feel tonight

-- "Underwater" by Foxtrax

ALBUM: The Cabin (2016)