PREMIERE | Heather Brave's "Like a Wave" will make you weak in your knees.

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Heather Brave is no stranger to writing music.In fact, she graduated high school early so she could pursue her dreams of being a singer. Her earliest memories of making music was with her sister on a karaoke machine they had in their basement. Heather and her sister would belt out popular tunes of the time like "Since U Been Gone" by Kelly Clarkson, Regina Spektor songs, and more. As Heather cultivated her own taste in music she joked that she would listen to really moody music like Iron and Wine and Mumford and Sons. After graduating high school early, Heather began an acting and music career and soon later left her native New Jersey for LA to immerse herself in the industry further. Now back on the East Coast in NYC Heather values LA but is glad to be back at her roots. She told me that in LA she was writing for a lot of other artists which was fun but NYC has allowed her a chance to write for herself again. "NY allows space to people watch and breath and allow the story to happen," she says explaining why New York feels so much more personal to her.

For Heather music is personal. "I can't sing about anything I can't find in my personal life," she tells me. Whether it's personal a year ago or personal in the moment, Heather is always writing from experience-- and usually in the bathtub she adds. If she gets an idea, she'll typically lean over the side of the tub and record the idea on her phone. She's never going to just sit down and write a song she told me. On the contrary her style she says is very matter of fact and it takes time for her to process her experiences to come at them from a fresh perspective. Heather does love collaborating; however, speaking highly of "Like a Wave" producer Jase Blankfort. She says Jase, "turned into a big brother," meeting him first at a Mexican restaurant in Jersey, the two immediately clicked. Heather tells me that his energy brings a different spirit to her music which she loves.

"Like a Wave" isn't your average pop song. While the beat is conventional and chill, the use of sound throughout from ambient atmospheric sounds to bells and whistles makes it something different. When the hook releases it's familiar but fresh. All of the combined elements recreate the feeling of memories rushing past you. The music video does just that too. Recalling moments from the confines of a photo development lab, Heather looks back on moments of the relationship good, goofy, bad, and heart breaking. She beautifully captures the ebb and flow of a relationship that is so passionate it's borderline unstable: the ups and downs and rough patches and everything in between. The video ends on an interesting note possibly in the future where Heather and her former lover are both dressed in business wear. They make out in the elevator suggesting that some people just make you feel, "like a wave," and that old habits die hard.

In addition to be an incredible songwriter, Heather is using her platform to raise awareness for life threatening allergies. Having dealt with this obstacle first hand her entire life she says, "It comes up in everyday life more than you'd expect," and affects more people than you'd think too. She says, "You have to have your own voice and speak up. Use your imperfections to your advantage." Realizing that her weaknesses were really her advantages is what keeps Heather moving forward. Recently, Heather had a performance at iHeartRadio which was her first time performing with a band. She's planning more performances in the near future and is excited to start showing more sides of her to her fans.

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LOTS of avocado rolls... and soy sauce.

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Anie Delgado is a contributor to Popdust and is an actress and musician based in NYC. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @anie_delgado and on Facebook and check out her music on Spotify.

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