RELEASE RADAR | Fly by Midnight returns with Malibu

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Fly By Midnight rose to fame via YouTube, first posting cover videos then expanding to create their own original music. Justin, originally from Florida was abc established Youtuber when he met producer Slavo. Th two meshes right away and now work together to bring you 80s synth pop with a modern twist. Along with Fly By Midnight, J Cobb, Aspen, Matteo Scher, Nonsens, Will Varley, Dreamings, Max Styler, and Alexx Mack.

Fly By Midnight | "Malibu"

"Malibu" is by far the most cinematic thing we've heard from Fly By Midnight. FBM has been playing this song on tour for a while now and always a crowd favorite, they've finally decided to release it. The details of each lyric paint a vivid picture (as vivid as the really cool album art) of the one that got away and also feels like the vast cliffs and ocean of Malibu.

Listen to "Malibu" here.

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J Cobb | "Another You"

If J Cobb's new song "Another You" is a celebration of your s/o, the accompanying visual is a celebration of NYC and a commentary on how our generation communicates. At it's core, J Cobb sounds like he's trying to steal your girl in this song, but I'm not mad about it from the dancing on the dock, to the surprise birthday party, to the sweet texts and more. This song is every girl in a bad relationships dream. The confirmation that there's someone out there who will love you better.

Watch "Another You" here.

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Aspen | "Can You Hear Me Now"

Aspen's clear voice crisply delivers her message in this song, "I don't want to be your maybe." The sweet accompanying music video shows all of the amazing memories behind a relationship and drives home the point that in light of all the memories, if someone doesn't give you their 100%, they're not worth sticking around for.

Watch "Can You Hear Me Now" here.

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Matteo Scher | "Best Shot" (feat. Stella Rose)

This is definitely a song to carry you through the winter. The optimistic pop groove in combination with Matteo's smooth vocals drives the songs powerful dynamic. Stella Rose's vocals adds an extra texture you didn't realize the song needed, but it works perfectly. Matte Scher and Stella Rose, siblings, are naturally excellent collaborators. We're excited to see what's next from them.

Listen to "Best Shot" here.

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Nonsens, The Palliative | "Wildfire"

"Wildfire" is vast and layered all the same. The build is exhilarating and drops into your standard house beat, which contrasts well with the chill composition of the verses. To put it simply, this song is a great one to dance to all winter long.

Listen to "Wildfire" now.

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Will Varley | "All Those Stars"

Slowing it down, "All Those Stars" by Will Varley sounds like a road trip, a campfire, and the beautiful scenic of America. Somewhere between the cross of Americana and Folk, Will Varley's lyrics are both descriptive and poetic painting the image of driving down the highway under a night sky.

Listen to "All Those Stars" here.

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DRÆMINGS | "Loveless"

"Loveless" is a combination of the bumbling rock riffs of the late 90's and the current electronica obsession we're seeing in pop. A unique blend of the two, "Loveless" feels desolate and has a sense of urgency that speaks to the aimless urgency of our current dating culture in my opinion.

Listen to "Loveless" now.

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Max Styler | "Heroes" (feat. Nevve)

This light and sweet pop tune is an easy listen and a great tune to dance the night away to at the countless holiday parties.

Listen to "Heroes" here.

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Alexx Mack | "Your Car"

This mellow track is wistful, sexy, and reflective. The slow beat is the perfect pallet for Alexx Mack's haunting vocals the synth work clouds up the track like a cloudy memory.

Listen to "Your Car" here.

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