RELEASE RADAR | Matoma and Noah Cyrus release a new banger

Noah Cyrus & Matoma link up to bring you "Slow" the song you'll be listening to all winter.


"Your green eyes are a weapon. Shot a hole in my heart."

This week our release radar is led by Noah Cyrus and Matoma. Noah has been collaborating like it's her job lately, recently releasing a song with producer Alan Walker. Matoma, known for collaborations over the span of his career joins her to create a sick track. Check it out below along with new releases from Jessie J, SUMif, Yellow Claw, Misty Boyce, Chloe Bodur, Nitti Gritti, Amille, Brent Butler, Deascent, and Serena Foster.

Matoma x Noah Cyrus | "Slow"

Already a big Matoma and Noah Cyrus fan, I was stoked to hear the two had a collaboration coming up. I was first introduced to Matoma thanks to Spotify discover with "False Alarm." I was introduced to Noah Cyrus thanks to my unabashed obsession with her big sis Miley and I was curious what Noah's sound was like. I fell in love with her song "Stay Together." "Slow" is everything I could have hoped for from these two. The unique, textured track highlights Noah's powerful voice and the lyrics perfectly capture both the simplicity and intricacies of not wanting to slow down a runaway relationship.

Best for: Blasting through your apartment during chore day.
Perfect if you like: Rihanna

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Jessie J | "Queen"

This song seriously makes you want to scream #yasqueen. I put it up there with "Sorry Not Sorry" by Demi Lovato in terms of female-empowerment songs of the year. The past year, we've seen female artists embracing their bodies and sexualities and "Queen" is no exception to that. The song has a soulful swagger to it that can get you pumped for any first date, job interview, or just to get you up when you're feeling down. I also personally love the reference to queens because of my recent obsession with queens tied to Game of Thrones, of course.

Best for: Upping your confidence before you take the next step with you S/O
Perfect if you like: Demi Lovato

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SUMif | "Pretty Cage"

A force to reckon with, SUMif grew to relevancy by building her fan base independently and got on the bill for several music festivals without any label support. Her chill but moving music is of course the reason for this. "Pretty Cage" speaks to me a lot. Ever feel caught in that "picture perfect" relationship but seeing the imperfections very clearly from inside the "cage" of that relationship? You'll relate to this banger. Perfect to sing along to loudly in the car, this song is anthem-worthy.

Best for: Blasting on a road trip (and singing along of course!)
Perfect if you like: Grimes

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Yellow Claw x STORi | "Both of Us"

The best way to describe this song is "magnetic." The vocals are smooth and immediately draw you in. Another noteworthy element is that every time I listen to this song, I find another layer, another texture, another sound. While it very much appeals to mainstream pop, Yellow Claw and STORi have found nooks and crannies to add their unique touches.

Best for: Dancing at the bar
Perfect if you like: Chainsmokers

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Misty Boyce | "Get Over You"

The best way to describe Misty Boyce's sound is "grown up indie pop". While it follows the general aesthetic of modern pop music, I find all of the sounds she uses and that particular combination to be unique to her sound. "Get Over You" is as sad as it sounds but in a hopeful way. You feel Boyce garnering hope and momentum as the song goes on.

Best for: The post break-up blues
Perfect if you like: Sara Bareilles

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Chloe Bodur | "Glory"

This song is jazzy and funky and silky and awesome. Chloe's voice is velvet over a mix of jazz style instrumentation and something that is closer to indie rock. The dirty guitar sounds contrast perfectly with the jazzy keys to create a palette for her well-thought out lyrics and strong vocals.

Best for: Winding down after a long night out.
Perfect if you like: Erika Badu

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Amille | "Falling"

This song fells as epic is "falling" for someone feels. Amille has a unique pop sound. Her voice both traditional but also has a different tone to it. This song is a good one for long train rides, though it rolls in slowly, it seems to make time speed up.

Best for: A long subway commute
Perfect if you like: Kesha

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Nitti Gritti | "Blame on Me"

Nitti Gritti's vocals are dense and his attitude perfectly reflects his lyrics. Already garnering almost 13K streams on Soundcloud, this song is bound to be heard in every club this winter.

Best for: Requesting at the club!
Perfect if you like: The Future

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Brent Butler x Deascent | "I Don't Need You"

The latin beat of this banger makes it impossible not to dance around to, especially with the catchy hook. How many times have you worked up the courage to tell a toxic relationship, a bad employer, or otherwise "I don't need you," but finding yourself at a loss for words. Brent Bulter & Deascent lay it all out for you here.

Best for: Saying boy bye... or girl bye... or bye to whatever it is that's holding you back
Perfect if you like: Weezer

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Serena Foster | "Show Me The Way"

Serena Foster's voice is alluring and in combination with the sick track, I feel like everyone needs to hear this one. I especially love the manipulation of the track after the hook. The music video isn't what you'd expect but that's part of the magic! Synchronized maids dancing to this perfect banger? Yes please. Make sure to watch to the end when they get crunk in this really filthy house. This one will definitely on my playlist all winter long.

Best for: Lifting yourself up when you're down or sharing with a friend to lift them up!
Perfect if you like: Lorde

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