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RELEASE RADAR | Sam Smith releases new album "The Thrill of it All" and more...

Titus Makin, SŸDE, KASHKA, Ggoolldd, Kim Petras, Traces

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"I am still there and I'm still your disciple." - Sam Smith

Sam Smith's took off with his single, "Stay With Me," and proceeded to jump leaps and bounds when his song was selected for Skyfall, the most recent James Bond installment. Along with Sam Smith, a handful of other amazing artists released new music this week including: Titus Makin, Syde, Kashka, PLYA, Ggoolldd, Kim Petras, and Traces.

Sam Smith | "Pray"

This soulful single from Sam Smith's new album has me excited to listen to the rest of it. Lucky for me, and you too it's available now everywhere and is titled The Thrill of It All. His single, "Pray" seems to be a response to all of the tragic events that have been surfacing. While the song sounds like exactly what you'd expect from Sam Smith, slow, sexy, rich lyrics, this particular track is highlighted with the addition of a choir behind Sam's lead vocals. Sam sings about turning his back on religion and finding faith again. Starting in the second verse, the choir backs him up serendipitously. The song has a strong heartbeat and dynamic build.

Listen to "Pray" here.

Perfect for: Solo wine night
Best if you like: John Legend

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Titus Makin | "Ropes"

You might remember Titus Makin from the Warblers in Glee. The multi-talented actor and singer Titus Makin just released a new song and visual and there's no way you can listen to without smiling really big. If you're an avid Popdust reader, you'll know that Titus came into our headquarters to talk about the song. He told us that the song is about his relationship with God, something he cherishes, and unlike most songs about "ropes" that you'd assume to be negative, Titus views his close ties to God as a positive. His stunning voice makes it an easy listen and his effervescent personality shines through in every measure making the good vibes he's spreading infectious.

Watch "Ropes" here.

Perfect for: When you need a pick me up after a long week!
Best if you like: Gavin Clarke

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SŸDE | "Above The Clouds"

This track is chill and has an infectious bounce. The production and instrumentation feels like what being "Above the Clouds," must feel like. The lyrics are positive and optimistic. It's a celebration of letting go of expectations and having your own approval be enough for you. The guitar riff takes you to the beach while the percussion makes me think about dancing around a bonfire.

Listen to "Above The Clouds" here.

Perfect for: A long plane ride
Best if you like: Tame Impala

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KASHKA | "Float Away"

KASHKA is the former lead vocalist and songwriter of folk-pop band Forest City Lovers. She is also a visual artist and voice over actress. Her solo project under the name of KASHKA is bringing us mellow indie pop vibes. This particular single is quiet, serene, and weighted with meaningful lyrics. The music video is a sweet throwback to the carefree nature of childhood.

Watch "Float Away" here.

Perfect for: Waking up slow
Best if you like: Sara Barielles

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PLYA | "Thinking of You"

This indie pop band has created what could be the banger of the winter. "Thinking of You" is both epic and intimate at the same time. The vocals are small and subtle to begin with and expand with the catchy hook. The subject matter is impossible not to relate to. For the individual this song could be about anyone that you can't get off your mind: an ex-lover, a family member, etc. This definitely earned it's place on my "favorites" playlist.

Listen to "Thinking of You" here.

Perfect for: an impromptu dance party in your kitchen
Best if you like: Ch^rches

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Ggoolldd | "The Way That I Feel"

I had the pleasure of seeing Ggoolldd live at The Mercury Lounge on the first stop of their recent tour. Their explosive stage presence drew me into their cooler than cool music. The band founded over the desire to throw a bomb party turned into a hit thanks to their carefree songs infused with just enough attitude. This track is one of my favorites because of how they integrate laughter and other naturalistic sounds into the track. In general, the song gives me a late 90's nostalgic vibe which I love.

Listen to "The Way That I Feel" here.

Best for: Breakin' the rules
Perfect if you like: Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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Kim Petras | "I Don't Want It At All"

German artist Kim Petras has always been obsessed with pop music. As an adolescent, she made headlines starting hormone therapy at the age of twelve and being the youngest person to go through with gender reassignment surgery at just 16 years old. As an artist, she's imaginative and a master of pop culture. This particular video reflective of the early 2000's, the video starts with Kim praying to her Paris Hilton shrine suggesting that may be her role model. Her voice is stunning and the creativity behind the music video is dances on the line between surrealism and nostalgia.

Watch "I Don't Want It At All" here.

Perfect for: A shopping spree of course
Best if you like: Demi Lovato

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Traces | "idbh"

Fairly new to the music industry, Traces first make an impact in 2016 with their first three singles that garnered more than 3 million streams on Spotify. Traces is back with their debut EP and in it they create a desolate atmosphere filled with their silky smooth vocals. "idbh" specifically caught my ear because of the stormy mood of the song. I.D.B.H. stands for "I don't belong here." Perhaps they're trying to make that happen? Either way with their stunning vocals and the complex synth work, I'm into it.

Listen to "idbh" here.

Perfect for: A moody train ride home.
Best if you like: ZAYN

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Anie Delgado is a contributor to Popdust and is an actress and musician based in NYC. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @anie_delgado and on Facebook and check out her music on Spotify.

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