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RELEASE RADAR | Alan Walker, Noah Cyrus, and Digital Farm Animals team up

Collaborations are hotter than ever lately and we've got the hottest.

Provided by Sunshine Sachs

Alan Walker and Noah Cyrus collaborate, creating a dystopian world.

This week's release radar is lead by the fruitful collaboration between Alan Walker, Noah Cyrus, and Digital Farm Animals. Alan Walker is a Norwegian music producer that gained popularity and broke through with his song "Faded." Noah Cyrus is Miley Cyrus' not so little sister that has taken the music industry by storm with just as much talent as her famed sister but with her own unique style. "All Fall Down" has a mellow vibe at first listen. There is a lot packed into the lyrics that will leave you wanting to listen over and over to unpack everything that's in the song. "I'll be fine," Noah sings, "You're the drug that I'm addicted to and I want you so bad, but I'll be fine." I feel that the hook is very telling of our generation. For a number of reasons, we've been forced to be prepared for anything. I feel like that translates directly to the way we interact with each other. This music video does an amazing job of linking those two aspects together connecting a song that is totally relatable with an intense music video set in a dystopian world.

Watch to "All Fall Down" here.

Perfect for: Errand running ('I'll all get done, I'll be fine.' you repeat to yourself)

Best if you like: Calvin Harris

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Chlo Subia | "5 Minutes"

Chlo Subia's "5 minutes" is sexy, but it's not what you think it's about. She says, ""I think the first assumption is that it is written about a boy, or even a breakup but it's actually not. It's a song about a best friend that ended up being an awful friend and pretty much turned on me and moved on, which made me learn so much about friendships, trust and loyalty." She went on to explain that at her age friend breakups are just as common as relationship breakups. This song is about moving on and the attitude is apparent from the swanky bass line to her fierce vocal delivery.

Listen to "5 Minutes" here.

Perfect for: A weekend home alone, ahhh
Best if you like: Hailee Steinfeld

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Dirty Fences | "One More Step"

The first word that comes to mind when I hear this song is "badass." Dirty Fences' third studio album, Goodbye Love, is out today via Greenway Records. This particular track from the album feature's Christina Halladay on vocals. The track was written for Christina's voice and became a duet between her and Dirty Fences bassist Max Comaskey. The song is sexy in it's own right and an amazing jam.

Listen to "One More Step" here.

Perfect for: Date night
Best if you like: Cold War Kids

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DJ Muggs x Meyhem Lauren x Roc Marciano | "Street Religion"

This music video provides perspective into street life which is very true to the track's name, "Street Religion." The video is a melding of different old tapes of different streets with different people in different places. The tender melody of the vocal hook contrasts the powerful rap. It almost feels as though we're viewing memories of different places through the eyes of the artist. This song feels really universal to me. As brilliantly stated by Big Boi of Outcast, "hip hop is the music of the people."

Listen to "Street Religion" here.

Street Religion feat. Roc Marciano (Official Video, Explicit) by Meyhem Lauren & DJ Muggs on VEVO.

Perfect for: Walking all the way to 12th avenue where the trains don't reach.
Best if you like: Tee Grizzley

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Tiny Giant | "Sad"

The simplicity of "Sad" and Tiny Giant in general is becoming especially when they explode into the chorus. A band that totally gets dynamics, I appreciate all of the little nuances of this sing. The vocals are delivered with such weight, you want to listen to every lyric.

Listen to "Sad" here.

Perfect for: Waking up slow
Best if you like: Tennis

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Jeff Baker Sounds | "Pretty Dangerous"

Jeff Baker is on a roll this season. His second single released in the last few months, Pretty Dangerous stays true to his pulsing beats and intoxicating hooks, but takes his past work a step further. Utilizing exhilarating electronic riffs throughout the song. He tells his lover to "pray for [him]," anticipating getting stuck in a hospital bed. The song is about a potentially dangerous heart break. It toys with the stakes of getting your heart broken. It makes us remember that love is dangerous.

Listen to "Pretty Dangerous" here.

Best for: Late night jams with your hair brush (yeah, we know you do it. We all do. Right?)
Perfect if you like: Ed Sheeran

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Misdom X Nurko | "With You"

"With You" is a blissful marriage of pop and R & B. The vocals are sexy and silky, gliding over the mellow beat. Structurally it follows some of the traditional conventions but the hook is unlike anything I've heard. The manipulation of the vocals goes a long way. I feel like this is a song you can dance to or kick back and relax to.

Listen to "With You" here.

Best for: Slow dancing where no one can see you
Perfect if you like: Drake

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Cody Simpson | "Waiting for The Tide"

This song is 100% good vibes. It reminds me of the day flying by at the beach. Cody's voice is surprisingly rich. His ad libbing adds a visceral feeling to the song. The California pop sounding track is well balanced in quieter moments and bursts of joy and carefreeness. The music video is simple but affective capturing exactly what the song is: some guys having a blast playing music.

Listen to "Waiting for The Tide" here.

Perfect for: a late fall beach walk
Best if you like: Jack Johnson

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Facing West | "Messed Up Masterpiece"

This Colorado based band knows how to write a solid hook. The almost primal sounding internal rhythm of this song makes you want to howl along. The song is a celebration of imperfection and an acceptance that growth happens over time.

Listen to "Messed Up Masterpiece " here.

Perfect for: A treat yo'self
Best if you like: Aly and AJ

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Lohai | "With Your Body (Next To Mine)"

Lohai is a soul pop collaboration between Devon Yesberger and Alita Moses. The velvet of Alita's vocals sliding in time with the simmering but driving beat creates a sexy tension throughout the verses. The hook feels like a celebration. She sings, "With your body next to mine, I know all the danger signs." The synth and keys played by Yesberger are clearly carefully chosen. The attention to detail here creates not only a popping beat but also an atmospheric feel that affects the whole track.

Listen to "With Your Body (Next to Mine)" here.

Perfect for: Date night
Best if you like: Hiatus Kiyote

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Downtown Equipment | "Push The Disease"

"Push the Disease" almost feels like a rap over heavy rock music and I'm totally into it. The ease in spitting the verses makes you want to kick off your shows and dance. The hook is a party in itself. Recorded, Downtown Equipment feels like you're listening to them live.

Listen to "Push the Disease."

Perfect for: Your halloween playlist!
Best if you like: Dinosaur Jr.

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Anie Delgado is a contributor to Popdust and is an actress and musician based in NYC. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @anie_delgado and on Facebook and check out her music on Spotify.

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