Overweight, larger-than-life persona, loves taking his shirt off—there's only about two steps separating Miami rapper Rick Ross and the amusement park world of professional wrestling as is. Rozay brought himself one step closer to the edge over the weekend in Orlando, as he appeared ringside with kids in tow at the TNA "Genesis" Pay-Per-View event. At one point, cocky wrestler Zema Ion made his way over to Ross to pay tribute, but soon found The Boss to be more heel than face, as the rapper gave Ion the ol' "down low...too slow!" F.U., with a double-middle-finger salute to boot. The crowd went nuts for Rozay's burn, and the TNA announcers gave props to his "old-school" maneuver.

To us, this is the most obvious foreshadowing possible of a career move that Rick Ross should've made years ago. Not since Shaq finally showed up on Monday Night RAW a few years ago has a WWE guest-hosting stint felt more inevitable. So we're putting it to you, Rozay—get in the motherfucking ring already, and show them haters what you can do. (Uh, not against us, though, we've got bad back. You understand.)