Gillette On Demand: Not Your Grandfather's Razor

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On my 15th birthday, my grandfather (who was from the "old country" as they say) gifted me two surprisingly meaningful (and well-worn) treasures: a classic button down shirt and a Gillette "Super Speed" razor. True to his laconic nature, he presented them without ceremony, saying only: "You're becoming a man now. People are watching. Look your best."

Since that moment (which happened before I had any whiskers to shave!) Gillette has been my go-to razor. I have remained fiercely loyal to this brand not because some advertiser created a catchy slogan for it, but because it's a symbol of craftsmanship, and good old American manufacturing excellence. It's a symbol of my grandfather and all that he stood for.

Recently, I've been watching but have resisted the wave of home razor delivery services. Skipping a trip to shop for razors sounded great, and I was generally attracted to the convenience of the offerings, but there was no way I'd put down my MACH3 for some upstart brand. That's why I was so excited when I found out Gillette has their own delivery service, Gillette On Demand.

Gillette took their time to get their subscription offering right, recently making major upgrades to their original shave club to include both subscription and as-needed ordering. Gillette On Demand's offering is simple and effective and as solid at their 116-year old brand. Gillette is no fly-by-night internet startup, so I knew the product would be high quality. What I didn't expect was the excellence and superiority of their internet-based offering. Gillette On Demand delivers me the quality razors I'm accustomed to without the hassle of long-term commitments, and the subscription service is incredibly user-friendly.

With Gillette On Demand, I can pick from one of three razors (the Sensor3 Disposable, the MACH3 Turbo, and the Fusion ProShield) and get them sent to me based on how often I shave and how often I need fresh blades. It's exactly what I was looking for. My ideal facial hair changes week to week depending on what look I'm going for, so the ability to change up my order frequency is perfect. I got all the control of buying in-store without ever having to leave my house.

Considering my sensitive skin and familiarity with razor burn, I decided to treat myself a bit and get the Fusion ProShield set. The ordering process was simple and straightforward and I was done in just a few minutes. The blades came within a few days, and I was eager to try them out. Sure enough, shaving was a breeze as the blades sailed perfectly across the contours of my face providing a comfortable, clean shave. A shave that would have made my grandfather proud. People are watching, and I'll look my best.

The Fusion ProShield is definitely not my grandfather's razor (the Super Speed was phased out in 1988, after more than four decades of service). It's a marvel of modern product research and manufacturing excellence. Right away, I was impressed by the firmness and stability of the handle. The Fusion ProShield's lubricated strips do as promised: they glide across my face in an amazingly frictionless way. The razor has a solid weight to it – not too heavy, but sturdy enough to inspire confidence effortlessly (think closing the door on a luxury sports car.) With other razors, I've had to do two or three passes before getting a clean shave, but this razor cuts through my beard with ease. It went really smoothly around my chin, which is always a tough spot for me to get. It's not an exaggeration to say that the Fusion ProShield has cut my morning shave time in half.

Not only do I get a quality shave with Gillette On Demand, but I'm also not locked into a long-term commitment. Personally, I only shave a few times a week, but when I need a new set of razors, I just shoot a one-word text (BLADES) to Gillette (252-337) and I get my next shipment in a few days. It beats spending time waiting in lines, and offers the quality I've grown used to over the years. With Gillette On Demand, I get an incredible razor delivered right to my door. Gillette has always given me the best experience and a great shave. With Gillette On Demand, I get so much more than what I paid for: an incredible razor delivered right to my door.

Update: The folks at Gillette are extending a promotion to first-time users. Follow this link to get $3 off your first order and get every fourth order free when you choose the subscription option and remain on the same plan!

*First-time customers for first order only. Offer terms subject to change. This content is brought to you by Gillette.