Netizens are a touchy bunch, but they wield a considerable amount of power in the world of K-pop. They're both easily impressed and easily upset, and their opinions can often influence Korean media reports. If they like an artist, glowing headlines can start popping up all over the web ("Netizens Impressed By Yoona's Beauty!"), but when they're pissed off, they can kick up a storm so brutal that it can leave a K-popper's career with irreparable damage. (Just ask T-ara!) Most K-pop stars are too well-trained and well-mannered to fight back against netizen attacks, but recently, several top girl group idols have started hitting back against the nasty keyboard critters. Earlier this week, KARA's Seungyeon took to her Twitter account to school netizens on their judgmental behavior.

She wrote: “Netizens with no name, if you hide behind the title of the public, you think you are all moralists and experts, and seem to become someone with great strength? As I observe and observe over time, it makes no sense (hehe). If you don’t agree, don’t watch and if you hate someone, just leave them alone. Do you have to express that heart to reveal your honesty? Thank you for letting me know. Listen up. While you invest your time into making the people you hate feel bad, I will cherish my time, by working hard, and spending it with good people so don’t you worry. Think about it carefully. Which reality do you want to face.”

Two weeks earlier, SECRET's Zinger did the same thing after netizens wrote disparaging comments about her following her car accident. The crash not only left the 22-year-old with fractured ribs and a bruised lung, but also bedridden and unable to promote SECRET's latest single, "Talk That," forcing the group to end promotions after just one week.

Zinger tweeted: “After regaining my consciousness and reading all the news articles, I began to read some of the comments as well. There are some comments that are just too much. I want you to think about whether you can say the same things if it was your family or someone you loved who was in my situation. It’s difficult for me physically, but now, it’s difficult for me mentally, as well.”

Of course, Zinger and Seungyeon's thoughtful anti-hater lectures are miles away from, say, Rihanna, who once called a Beyonce stan a, "c**t," told Piers Morgan to, "grow a d**k," and made an unprintable remark about Celebuzz. But for notoriously polite K-pop stars, their mature Twitter rebuttals still pack a punch and prove that you don't need to get down in the dirt to stomp on a hater. And if tweeting their feelings doesn't work, then they can always take legal action like miss A's Suzy. Her agency, JYP Entertainment, just threw a netizen to the cyber authorities after he tweeted the 18-year-old a picture of himself crudely humping a cardboard cutout of her.

Thanks to Seungyeon, Zinger, and Suzy, now netizens will have to think twice before writing cruel comments online or attempting to make love to cardboard cutouts of their biases. Girl power!

[Photo via Yahoo]