Girls' Generation Are 'Indestructible' On Heartfelt New Greatest Hits Track

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After spending the past 7 years at the top of Asia's pop charts, K-pop super group Girls' Generation will finally release their first greatest hits album in Japan next week. The compilation contains all their original J-pop singles and a selection of their K-pop hits sung in Japanese, as well as one brand new song, "Indestructible."

"Indestructible" is the kind of R&B-tinged pop midtempo we've all heard countless times before in both J-pop and American pop music -- innocuous and pleasant, but not particularly memorable. Where it really shines is the lyrics: On the surface it reads like the story of any young couple, but dig a little deeper and it applies to Girls' Generation's relationship with each other and their fans.

"The time flows on the way we are," they sing. "Since when have we started thinking alike? Fights, Silence, we do everything together / And even then, your voice gives me a feeling of relief."

"This indestructible, unbreakable bond that can never be broken / Our soul is a twin soul (twin soul) / For example, even if it looks like you’re about to fall from a cliff / At least know that I won’t let go of your hand."

Girls' Generation's music doesn't get much more poignant than this, so I'd say "Indestructible" is probably the most perfect song that the group could've chosen for their first greatest hits album. It may not be "Mr. Taxi" or "Gee," but what it lacks in originality it makes up for in heart.