Sorry, Carrie Underwood. When it comes to the biggest budget spent on outfits for one video, Girls' Generation has you beat. The Pop-Off champion has released the official clip for their new single "Time Machine," complete with nine different looks at heartache and loss, and an endless amount of fashion to drool over. The sweethearts of K-Pop display a softer, more vulnerable side, flaunting stunning white outfits that match the impending chill that remind us of the Spice Girls' "Goodbye." Each lady looks flawless, but it's Yoona running through the street with a few fresh snowflakes decorating her face that sticks with us the most. The search for a time machine proves futile but they have found a series of randomly sized time pieces to pose around, which hopefully also helped them stay on schedule following Daylight Savings weekend—wherever they happened to be celebrating. Behold the beauty, below.