We started with 32 songs by four types of artists: girl groups, female solo acts, male solo acts, and boy bands. (See the the bracket image here.) Five rounds and millions—that’s right, we said meeeeellions!—of votes later, you, the people, the K-pop fans, have declared the GREATEST K-POP SONG OF ALL TIME. And it is … gosh, why are these envelopes so hard to open? … “Gee,” by Girls’ Generation! “Gee” defeated Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” by just two percent of the vote—a narrow margin that still amounted to over 20,000 votes.

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It was a long road to victory by number-one seed Girls’ Generation and their fans, who dispatched, in order: Brown Eyed Girls, T-ara, Wonder Girls, Hyuna and, finally, the mighty Super Junior. The group, and their classic song—a hit by every measure, including the viral nature of its video, which set the stage for “Gangnam Style”—have obviously earned every bit of admiration heaped upon them. But it was you, the fans and Popdust readers, who got behind this song and saw it through to the very end of this tournament. Take pride in Girls’ Generation and yourselves!

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