SNSD domination is almost upon us.

The Divine Nine are due back on January 1st with their new single, "I Got a Boy," and our anticipation for the K-pop comeback of 2013 just increased tenfold with the group's latest music video teaser trailer. Girls' Generation show off a whole new style in the colorful clip, busting out crunk choreography while clad in an array of crazy rainbow fashions. It's very f(x)-meets-2NE1, but with SNSD's super feminine flavor thrown in to make it uniquely their own.

We really can't decide what the best part of the teaser is. Is it Sunny's new turquoise and hot pink wigs? The way that the once overlooked Hyoyeon has now turned into one of the hottest members of the group? Or maybe just the fact that it looks like the Divine Nine's dancing has improved even further since "The Boys," which is really gonna upset the anti-fans who wrongly claim that Girls' Generation is all looks and no talent.

Check out the dance and drama teasers for "I Got a Boy," below!