Girls' Generation Go Retro In "Twinkle"

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Here's a track for any K-pop skeptics out there: Girls' Generation's "Twinkle," a big, brassy throwback (kind of like Back to Basics), with singing just as big and just enough modern production touches (that blurty synth-bassline! that section where the piano twinkles [sorry!] turn things into something out of '80s Madonna track!) to make it make sense in 2012. It's huge but never cluttered, retro but not fusty, and with the right promotion, could well be a massive hit. Well done, everyone!

Appropriately enough, its video gets a big, brassy red carpet and sparkly vaudeville worthy of any star; true enough to life, the group's swarmed by paparazzi from start to finish. There's also a puppy, because what couldn't be improved by a puppy? Watch below.

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