Duffy's career may be dead and buried, but her modern-day Motown classic, "Mercy," is still very much alive. Almost five years after it was first released, the song continues to influence today's hit music, whether it's being officially sampled (Lloyd's "Dedication to My Ex") or just totally ripped off (Lee Hi's "") -- not to mention that it's still impossible to get through a season of any reality TV singing show without at least one contestant wailing their way through the song. The latest stars to tackle Duffy's signature smash is K-pop queen bees, Girls' Generation, who have just released a cover of the track --along with a music video-- called "Dancing Queen" as a warmup for their upcoming new album.

Funnily enough, both the video and the song were recorded back in 2008, the same year that "Mercy" first came out. The Divine Nine have decided to release it now to tie-in with the theme of their new album, I Got a Boy, which will feature some kind of a time machine concept.

The ninesome stick pretty close to Duffy's original with "Dancing Queen," but SONES will get a kick watching the music video to see the girls back in their "Gee" attire. The enormity of just how much the super group has grown and changed over the years really hits home at the end, when the clip closes with a 20-second teaser of the music video for their real comeback single ("I Got a Boy," we're guessing).

Check it out below, and look out for Girls' Generation's new album to hit stores on January 1st.