When Girls' Generation aren't busy schmoozing with David Letterman, reviving retro pop in Korea, or battling the HyunA in the Pop-Off, they're usually over in Japan ruling the charts with a slew of inescapable electro-pop hits. The Divine Nine are set to release their second Japanese album, Girls' Generation II: Girls & Peace, on November 28, but you don't need to wait until the end of the month to hear it. The girls have released a special ""Smash-Up" of the album as the b-side to their latest J-pop single "Flower Power", which has just hit stores across Japan.

If one thing's clear from Girls & Peace, it's that SNSD really want to make you dance. The smash-up is a thunderstorm of military drums, pounding club beats, Diplo-esque dancehall, and a smorgasbord of hands-in-the-air hooks. It's a huge step away from the group's Korean albums, which tend to favor the sugary and sweet side of pop over the midnight party anthems that their Japanese releases champion.

Strap on your dancing shoes, below.