Girls' Generation Return To Their Cute Roots In "My Oh My" Music Video

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After crushing the competition at the YouTube Music Awards by taking home the Video of the Year trophy for "I Got a Boy," Girls' Generation are back with the music video for their latest Japanese single, "My Oh My." We're used to the group generally going for a darker, more electro-tinged style for their J-pop releases, but "My Oh My" is straight-up candy-coated bubblegum. Fans of "Twinkle" should enjoy it, even though it isn't quite as strong as some of the group's past hits.

The matching costumes during the synchronized choreography scenes look like they were taken straight out of a J-pop idol video, and definitely give away that "My Oh My" is for the Japanese market. Is it too early to predict that Girls' Generation's upcoming Japanese album is going to be their most sugary one yet? Whatever it sounds like, Tiffany is definitely confident with the material judging by some recent comments she made to Billboard.

"This album has some amazing songs," she said. "I can't wait for everybody to hear it. I'm singing it all day. I'm pretty sure it's going to be a very happy time for all of us. In terms of the music, we've matured and the quality is so much greater."

We'll take your word, Tiff.

Seohyun, you look so grown up now!

Sunny, we love your long hair!

Hyoyeon, you're getting prettier by the day!

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