Girls' Generation Wins Big At YouTube Music Awards, Racist Tweets From Losing Fandoms Follow

We thought that Girls' Generation might bag the award for 'Video of The Year' at the first ever YouTube Music Awards, and we were right! The group's smash hit, "I Got a Boy," demolished some seriously stiff competition -- including Lady GagaJustin Bieber, Selena Gomez, One Direction, and Demi Lovato. The winner was decided by official social media shares of a special version of the nominated video, and the "I Got a Boy" clip had roughly triple the amount that the rest did, so the victory wasn't actually much of a surprise to anyone who had been paying attention to the voting process.

Sadly, the losing fandoms didn't take too kindly to seeing their faves being beaten by an Asian act, and took to Twitter to vent their frustrations with a string of disgusting racist tweets. The only thing they accomplished was showing their ignorance to the online world, not to mention making the artists they were "defending" look bad in the process. Even the so-called "professional YouTubers" over at AwesomenessTV made ignorant comments in one of their recap videos, including an offensive remark about "Chinese food" that led to the vapid trio removing the video in question after receiving a swift backlash from Girls' Generation fans.

However, despite how sad this whole debacle really is, it was still kind of funny seeing who could say the dumbest thing, so we've gathered some of the worst tweets we could find and debunked them for fun.

The answer is: Tiffany, the member who accepted the award, IS American. She was born and raised in California. Also, her entire acceptance speech was in perfect English. What the hell was this stupid Lovatic watching?

Maybe because America was on SOUTH Korea's side during the Korean war, not the North's.

How can nobody know who they are when they're technically the No. 1 girl group in the world today? They've sold millions of albums and singles worldwide, they regularly sell out stadiums and arenas across Asia, and they've performed at New York's Madison Square Garden and Australia's ANZ Stadium. Not to mention that they've also performed on The Late Show With David Letterman, Live With Kelly and Michael, and France's Le Grande Journal. Everyone from indie darling Grimes and rising superstar Lorde all the way to Bill freakin' Murray knows who Girls' Generation is. It sounds like this Belieber needs to broaden their musical horizons a bit more.

"jo$h," how about you open your mind first and stop the racist cheap shots?

Girls' Generation is a South Korean group. What do they have to do with China?

Wow, schools really need to do a better job of teaching kids that China, Japan, and Korea aren't all the same place. Do kids today think that Asia is just one big country or something?

I REALLY hope that English isn't your first language, because if it is that would be really embarrassing for you.

Better than bribing YouTube with a bucket full of piss.

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