Up until PSY's "Gangnam Style" became the biggest viral video in history, Girls' Generation's career-defining classic, "Gee," was the most watched K-pop music video of all time.

While The Divine Nine's 2009 hit will never see the same success as PSY's record-breaking clip, it has just reached one very impressive milestone: the 100,000,000 mark.

With PSY occupying both first and second place for the most viewed K-pop videos of all time, "Gee" now sits comfortably in third place.  In addition to "Gee," Girls' Generation also have the fourth most viewed video with "The Boys" at 70 million views. However, if you want to bend the rules a little, you could put their Japanese single, "Mr. Taxi," in fourth place instead, which has racked up 73 million views to date.

The video for the group's latest single, "I Got a Boy," has only been out since January, but is already just a few thousand views shy of the 50 million mark. Throw in "Oh!" at 63 million, and half of the top ten most viewed K-pop videos of all time belong to Girls' Generation.

Who would've thought that nine incredibly beautiful girls performing candy-coated choreography to shockingly addictive pop tunes could attract this much attention? Oh, wait...