Girls' Generation's "I Got a Boy": The Craziest Pop Single of 2013 Has Arrived

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We're barely two days into 2013, and Girls' Generation has already set the bar ridiculously high for the craziest pop release of the year. The group's new single, "I Got a Boy," is a bonkers club banger that's one part bubblegum, three parts Diplo. And we're talking Pitchfork, Diplo, not top forty, Justin Bieber, Diplo. The chaotic tune sounds like multiple songs in one, spanning everything from electro hipster-hop to Major Lazer-esque dancehall. The lyrics take the form of bathroom banter between girlfriends, with the song's production drastically shifting with the tone of SNSD's conversation. The whole thing is incredibly left-field and progressive, not only by K-pop standards, but by all pop music in general.

A song this slammin' deserves an equally as brilliant music video, and as expected, Girls' Generation delivers. The clip is a total visual assault in the best way possible, overflowing with neon colors and stylish fashion (Adidas! Chanel!). The Divine Nine's choreography has further improved since their promotions for "The Boys" last year, with the girls now resembling a small army of street dancing supermodels that could bring any man to his knees with some simple twerkin' and eyelash batting.

Girls' Generation is already the biggest act in K-pop, but with the release of "I Got a Boy," they can now take the title as one of the most innovative, too. Get into their revolutionary new pop jam, below!

[Click here for subtitled version]