There will not be a more natural fit of band and TV soundtrack this year than fun. being on the Girls soundtrack—the whole super-popular, cool-but-not-too-cool band out of Brooklyn thing, not to mention that their guitarist just happens to be dating show creator Lena Dunham—and indeed, the group will have a song on the upcoming Girls, Volume 1. The song is called "Sight of the Sun," and singer Nate Ruess has said that the song was an outcast from the group's breakout album Some Nights, unable to make the final cut due to an uncleared sample.

Well, Ruess has excised the sample, and the recently surfaced "Sight" is one of the most hopeful, pleasant things we've heard from the band. The title is in reference to the primary chorus lyric of "I used to run at the sight of the sun / Now I lay here waiting for you to wake up," which gives you a pretty good idea of the gentleness of the song, which features piano, strings, some light acoustic guitar picking and always-appropriate falsetto'd backing vocals. It's not as rousing as either of the group's big hits—few songs are, fun. or non-fun.—but you can easily imagine it playing over a TV show montage of some sort. Maybe even an end credits.

You can hear the fun. song now over at Rolling Stone. The full soundtrack, also featuring such show-appropriate artists as Sleigh Bells and Robyn, will be out tomorrow. We're a little bit excited for it.