Poor Giuliana Rancic—she hasn’t had the best of times lately.

First the The Fashion Police star was accused of racism when interviewing Zendaya on the red carpet at the Oscars, and was mortified that she might have offended anyone.

Then she had to endure more comments about her body and concerns that she was too thin.

People tweet that she should eat a burger and accuse her of being anorexic. She has revealed that her way of dealing with the unwanted attention is to simply ignore it.

Whilst walking the red carpet at the ASTRA Awards in Sydney, Rancic, who also stars with her adorable hubby on their reality show Giuliana & Bill commented to the Daily Mail Australia;

"I think the best thing to do, honestly, is not even talk about it. You know? As long as you know the truth, that’s all that matters."

The question is—why should she have to justify her body?

Yes she’s thin but body shaming works both ways and if it’s universally unacceptable to judge fat people and ridicule them for their weight, why is ok to comment on someone’s thin figure?

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