Glassio's New Single Is a Dreamy, Danceable Late-Night Mood

Dance through the tears with "Are You Having Fun Without Me?"


Queens-based artist Glassio has released his first single of 2020.

"Are You Having Fun Without Me?" is an exquisitely moody work of dreamy electronica; it's no wonder that the artist describes it as "melancholy disco." It starts out with an infectious beat that sounds slightly muffled, as if you're hearing it while standing outside a club, taking a breather (or having a good cry). It's reminiscent of Robyn's "Dancing On My Own" in that it's built around the contrast between its lyrics, which are heavy and full of nostalgia, and its euphoric sonic makeup. Glassio's voice is as soothing as a cool breeze on a hot night, and the delicate balance of synths and subterranean beats make the song feel like a tropical pool you can sink into.

Glassio began as the project of Irish-Iranian artist Sam R. and his friend Charles Pinel, who formed the duo while studying at Clive Davis Institute, but it quickly became the former's solo project. Since then, he has released a solo EP and is carving out a name for himself as a producer and artist.

"Are You Having Fun Without Me?" was inspired by longing and nostalgia, which Glassio knows well. "Though anything I write is usually an amalgam of multiple experiences, this song was pretty personal and loosely inspired by the upbringing my siblings and I had," he said. "We were moved around a lot growing up, and lost touch with friends and family members. I had always wanted to write something that tackled our upbringings, and felt this song was a perfect portal for those sentiments. I wanted to leave it pretty open ended though and hope people can apply their own experiences to the song—whether it be betrayal, a breakup, or not being accepted by someone they love."

Equal parts escapism, emotiveness, rumination, and release, "Are You Having Fun Without Me?" is a perfectly bittersweet indie pop gem.