Sure, plenty of people stayed home from the Glee movie this summer, but that doesn't mean the McKinley kids will be going away any time soon. The Glee cast has filmed a promo for New York City's annual Fashion's Night Out which kicks off Fall Fashion Week in September, covering a famous and beloved track—"Fashion" by David Bowie—as only they can. Normally we'd say that only Kurt Hummel and his Alexander McQueen sweaters are stylish enough to be involved in anything even remotely related to haute couture, but here the entire cast—minus Amber Riley and Naya Rivera—looks incredibly refined in power suits, fedoras and sequins. (But the absence of the New Directions' resident Diva and Straight Up Bitch is felt nonetheless.) The video features a lot of Lea Michele's vocals, with each cast member flaunting his or her best runway strut and smizing in ways that would make Tyra Banks proud. Even one-note, tracksuit-wearing Sue Sylvester can't resist playing dress up. It's no surprise that the cast cleans up nicely, but try your hardest to look beyond the presented eye candy and decide whether or not this David Bowie track sounds good enough to make the season three playlist.