Watching a proposal disguised as a Nair commercial may have distracted you from some of the musical numbers in last night's Glee episode, but today's iTunes numbers remind us of one thing: People love David Guetta. Especially when his unifying dance floor anthems are interpreted by Lea Michele and backed by a bevy of string instruments. Following "Yes/No," in which Will Schuester showed off his questionable judgment in asking a student to be his best man and failing to check on Artie after watching him roll into the pool, Rachel Berry's heart-wrenching version of the Usher/Guetta track has climbed the iTunes charts. Currently at No. 3 and rising, the song is a good eight spots above the show's closing spectacle "We Found Love," proving that you don't need synchronized swimming and gratuitous flexing by Chord Overstreet to create a hit. There were a few tired high school cliches to stomach, yet the emotion in Michele's voice and replacement of Guetta's pounding synths for simpler piano helped us forget even those most unlikely situations—ahem, a potential teenage engagement. With the ability to shift continents and make Finn pop the question, is there anything Guetta's music can't do? Watch below.