What took you so long, Ryan Murphy? Glee first covered British songstress Adele three weeks ago, when Gwyneth Paltrow (?!) sang "Turning Tables" during the group's "Night of Neglect" benefit. It was okay-ish, but we were surprised that the show hadn't chosen 21's lead single "Rolling in the Deep," if only to capitalize on the fact that it's been everywhere this year and has been loved on by just about everyone. And with such a talented cast, it was also frustrating to hear Paltrow and her limited range tackle the soul singer, instead of the much more powerful voices of Lea Michele or Amber Riley.

Obviously the powers that be have read my mind (or merely succumbed to studio peer pressure): "Rolling in the Deep" will be featured on Tuesday's "Prom Queen" episode, as performed by Michele and returning guest star Jonathan Groff (Jesse St. James, rival singer from Vocal Adrenaline and Rachel's sort of pseudo ex-boyfriend). Audio is in, and I'll try not to get ahead of myself here, but, it's awesome.

Groff's raspy, tortured take is much grittier than Adele's. The John Legend a capella arrangement, backed by a gospel chorus, is stripped down, yet still contains the emotion and drama of the original. Staging and script will likely add even more, as the former loverbirds Jesse and Rachel hash things out the only way they know how: through song. (But why is Jesse singing these lyrics if he's the one who broke Rachel's heart last year? Remember the parking lot incident? Jesse, if you egg us, do we not cry?) Regardless, I'm looking forward to at least replaying the track above 20 or so more times today (hey, it's Friday). Then again, maybe I'm still on a post-"Rumours" high but there's nothing wrong with wanting two nearly perfect episodes of Glee in a row is there?