While members of New Directions are enjoying age-appropriate refreshments and the words of the prolific Toby Keith, Shelby Corcoran's Troubletones egregious use of auditorium time and love for mash-ups has prepared them well for Sectionals competition. The ladies continue their flashy display of female empowerment by reworking Destiny's Child "Survivor" and Gloria Gaynor's beloved family gathering anthem "I Will Survive" into a dance-worthy number for show choir's bigger stage, with Santana and Mercedes taking turns on the leads. It's less emotionally powerful than their previous Adele mash-up, which would have made our Sectionals set list, opting for more dramatic choreography—and in Ms. Jones' case, hair extensions—but receives a standing ovation nonetheless. Considering Adele was once thought of as a neglected artist on this show it makes sense that the "Trophy of Bust" Troubletones would choose a crowd-pleaser as their Sectionals number to lure all the parents out of their seats. The audience's crazed reaction doesn't seem to rattle the nerves of New Directions self-appointed leaders, Finn and Blaine. But remember: Ohio show choir competitions pull together a strange collection of judges who have bad taste and loose morals. Who's celebrating with red solo cups now, Mr. Schuester?