If life really does imitate art, chances are your first few days back at school have included some sort of an impromptu performance by a peripheral social group desperate to start the year anew by proving itself within the institution's restricting social hierarchy. Or maybe an ice cream social? Glee is back for season three tonight, with its characters again attempting to win over their peers with an embarrassing public performance, this time tackling "We Got The Beat" by The Go-Gos on the McKinley campus. Even a year too late, and with silly rapping, we still think New Directions had a better chance with "Empire State of Mind"—every suburban high school boy considers himself the next Jay-Z. There's a lot of Rachel and Santana dancing on tables, as well as significant sexytime and audible vocals from Brittany, which leaves Artie and the rest of the guys stuck in cafeteria quicksand. Thank goodness for the quick reflexes of Mike Chang! The song is upbeat and fun, but we'd rather see something more recent in the season opener. How else will your classmates know what you did this summer if you can't sing all the words to "Party Rock Anthem"? Plus can that '80s magic happen more than once? Mercedes seems to have gotten over whatever that quasi-cliffhanger with Sam was, while Finn gets a head start of his potential role as fifth year senior meets New Directions' house drummer, who'll be able to pop in every now and then next season just to give the group a steady beat. But serious question: Were they always the McKinley Titans?