Not to be outdone by Coldplay or American Idol contestants, Glee will cover Rihanna's "We Found Love" in an upcoming 2012 episode. The Barbadian's penchant for controversy hasn't scared the Fox bosses away, as her familiarity with Billboard's top spot proved more influential to those with dollar signs behind their eyes. The McKinley version of the song features Lea Michele and Naya Rivera's voices over the breakneck pacing of Calvin Harris's beats, tweaked to become more encompassing with its building, gospel-style chorus featuring all of New Directions and added vocal flair towards its end. We hope this song is used to illustrate the mounting graduation anxiety of our favorite seniors, including Rachel, who we envision breaking her usual goodie-goodie ways to begin a shoplifting and heavy drinking binge with Finn at her side upon receiving a not-quite-flattering-enough acceptance letter from NYADA. We also expect one slushy-heavy rave, because one thing the Midwest has is ample farmland just waiting to be danced in. Listen to this cover below, and turn it up whenever you attempt to begin processing the recent announcement that Real Housewives of Atlanta star and fired Celebrity Apprentice contestant NeNe "I am very rich, bitch" Leakes will have a recurring role on the show.

Along with field dancing and destructive decisions, it looks like we won't stop whistling in 2012 either. A better dancer than many of his more able bodied classmates, Artie (Kevin McHale) takes the lead on a mashup—how novel!—of "Moves Like Jagger" and The Rolling Stones' "Jupmin' Jack Flash." Who's doing the peacock?