"Glee" Performs "West Side Story" And Billy Joel On Tuesday's "The First Time"

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While the previews for Tuesday's episode of Glee alluded to two of the show's key couples (Klaine and Finchel a.k.a Kurt and Blaine and Finn and Rachel, respectively) taking the next step, it looks like we'll also finally see the staging of McKinley's much belabored production of West Side Story, Sue Sylvester and her anti-arts supporters be damned. So many conflicting feelings! As leads Tony and Maria, Blaine (Darren Criss) and Rachel (Lea Michele) continue to prove why they get all the solos on "One Hand, One Heart" and "Tonight," while Santana nails her Anita leads on "America" and "A Boy Like That," her duet with Rachel. But in between dodging scattered boos from the haters and what will most likely be an arsenal of flying objects much more painful than fruit on stage, we'll also somehow get a glimpse at McKinley's future competition: The Dalton Academy Warblers—you didn't forget these well-dressed young men, did you? The boys seem to have forgotten the departure of their former leading man, now that they can follow the equally suave lead of newcomer Sebastian (Grant Gustin), who proves his place with his take on Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl," that almost makes us forget all of last year. (Sorry, Blaine. We did say almost.) Sectionals time is quickly approaching, so perhaps these New Directions kids should stop thinking about their after-after-school activities and start worrying about the all-male obstacle that lies ahead. Of course in our perfect television world, they'll do both.

Get a jump start on your own production of West Side Story by checking out the tracks below.

"One Hand, One Heart"


"A Boy Like That"


"Uptown Girl"