After Glee's cliffhanger ending this week, Mr. Schuester and New Directions don't seem too concerned about the lack of Rachel Berry in their upcoming bid for Sectionals glory—shhh, just don't tell her that. In fact, the McKinley choir room looks like anything but a rehearsal space, being transformed into a barbecue-tailgate-fair meets a festival upon the return of Sam Evans (Chord Overstreet), who apparently moved to another state where schools have lax about child nudity laws. As stated in the nonexistent bylaws of McKinley show choir, Trouty Mouth's homecoming gives him the right to choose a celebratory song, and because he thinks there's been an unfortunate lack of country in these here halls—we'd direct him to Coach Beiste for evidence to the contrary—he decides to make his return by leading the group in a cover of Toby Keith's "Red Solo Cup" that's...a lot more fun than it should be. Quinn actually manages a smile, Mike Chang figures out appropriate dance moves and Finn never looked more comfortable wearing flannel. America! Even Kurt, who looks confused as to what he's supposed to be doing with plastic drinkware, eventually comes around. Sort of. And what homecoming would be complete without greetings from Santana Lopez? The words "baby polisher" come from a place of love.

Is it more surprising that the New Directions kids know every word to this song, or that Mr. Schuester has bottles of sparkling cider on hand for such an occasion? Between mimicking alcohol consumption to Toby Keith and celebrating lady love with Katy Perry last week, Little Rory is loving America more and more each day.