Because Glee has the power to shape both our pop culture and our world news cycle, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Ryan Murphy's extraordinary machine—something that was, in fact, not referring to the Casey Anthony trial or the Fourth of July holiday—became a trending topic on Twitter over the weekend. If you couldn't pry yourself away from the fireworks and frankfurters (or Jose Baez) to see what "THEY KISSED" was all about on Sunday night, behold the emphatic reactions from many a hormonal Glee fan upon hearing the news that onscreen couple Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss), as well as Brittany (Heather Morris) and Santana (Naya Rivera), kissed on stage during the final performance of Glee! Live! in Dublin, Ireland:

@Michelle_Agnew: "OH MY GLEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYTHING HAPPENED THEY KISSED BOTH MY FAVORITE SHIPS, BRITTANA AND KLAINE!!!!!!!! ahhhhhh i cant calm down hehee."

@1MIZerablesGirl: "RT if you've watched the #KLAINE skit in Dublin like, a MILLION times!! (And I NEVER gets old... AND you squeal EVERY time!!!) THEY KISSED."

Call it a special treat to all the loyal fans in the audience (although we're sure Gleeks who bought tickets to the tour's earlier performances are feeling slightly jipped right about now). After a season's worth of emotional ping pong between the Lebanese bitch and her BFF, fans reveled in seeing Santana and Brittany together, even if it broke some of the (somber) resolution achieved in the season finale. And while the boys' smooch may not have left fans with as victorious a feeling as Kurt and Blaine's first onscreen kiss—which managed to satisfy the season's mounting tension in a highly adorable and unexpected way—the poem comparing Kurt's love for his favorite Warbler to that of his feelings for the late Alexander McQueen was cuteness incarnate. Now that Criss is an official series regular, these public displays of affection/musical prowess can happen on a weekly basis come September. Writers: Please don't mess this one up.

Watch Brittana and Klaine give the crowd what they've been waiting for below: