In case you'd forgotten what the likes of Finn, Kurt and Santana look like through the haze that was a sold-out world tour and feature film, here's another Glee promo for your viewing pleasure. With a little less than a month to go before the season three premiere, our first look the kids' return to Fox reveals zero plot points. The absence of recently demoted series regular Chord Overstreet, makes Sam and Mercedes' secret relationship—the only "cliffhanger" season two left us with—all the more unlikely. The kids are looking far more pedestrian than during their Fashion's Night Out promo, dodging an onslaught of rubber weaponry while Lea Michele takes the lead on The Go-Gos "We Got The Beat." We also spot resident adults Will, Emma and Coach Beiste, plus Becky and her fearless leader Coach Sylvester, who's manically chucking these dodgeballs—significantly more painful than slushies—at the kids she feels are McKinley's most deplorable students. Sue is certainly convincing, and while you might be looking for a suitable way to express your Glee fatigue or blatant disdain, we don't recommend joining in by throwing balls at your TV. You're gonna need that come September 20.