Well, we certainly didn't see this coming. Perhaps inspired by the success of the Gwyneth Paltrow-led cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide" on last week's episode (even though it was really a rendition of the Dixie Chicks' version), the producers of Glee recently announced an upcoming Mac theme on the horizon for season two. (Warning: Spoiler alerts galore on that link.) Not just any Mac either, but rather an entire episode specifically geared around the band's classic, bazillion-selling 1977 album Rumors, featuring such classic-rock staples as "Go Your Own Way," "Dreams," "You Make Loving Fun" and "Gold Dust Woman."

An old favorite of ours here at Popdust—though we can't help but be the tiniest bit disappointed that they didn't go with 1979's bloated, drugged-out, but undeniably fascinating double-album Tusk instead—we're sure that the firework-packed Rumours will provide the cast with plenty of fare for declarations of love, lust, heartbreak and betrayal. Picture Kurt and Blaine trading verses on a tear-jerking duet of "Go Your Own Way," or Miss Holliday serenading Will with "You Make Loving Fun," or even a rueful Santana giving Brittany the kiss-off to the strains of the underrated "Never Going Back Again." No matter what Glee does, it can't possibly match the real-life drama that surrounded the album's recording, so it should be a slam dunk for at least a handful of seamy moments on the show.

Here's hoping that they save "The Chain" for the big climax number, though. There's no coming back from that one if you blow it too early.