We've been over this before: there's no Glee until November 1. Boo, hiss, throw fruit. There is, however, a two and a half hour episode of The X Factor tonight, to help dry your tears/make you hate yourself a little bit more. But when it does return, Glee will soon have holidays on the brain. As has become the trend, the show will depict the Christmas season, tackling the 1984 Band Aid hit "Do They Know It's Christmas?" in the process. We can only hope that its accompanying episode has a better plot and more continuity than last year's "A Very Glee Christmas" which seemed tacked on after the writers had checked out for vacation a week early, phoned in through their iPads from a remote Mexican resort.

From the audio below, Finn starts things off giving way to heavy Rachel, as Glee songs usually do, while Mercedes has the privilege of delivering the scathing line "Tonight thank god it's them instead of you," originally sung by Bono. Such a memorable moment should quiet her raving diva tendencies until the new year. Who these Lima kids are singing about, though, is really the question. Yeah, yeah we know they get slushied a lot, Sam's dad lost his job last year and Finn needs to work after school, but more often than not, glee club takes priority above anything else, and its members seem selfishly unaware of life's more serious problems, especially those outside of Ohio state lines. To the kids of New Directions, the equivalent of 1984 Ethiopia is anybody's guess. We hear the original year after year, but that doesn't stop the video and its crop of length-defying mullets from being a shock with every additional viewing.

It's never too early to hawk a holiday album with excessive promotion. All the better to deliver subliminal messages to a younger audience and their parents, who will soon enough begin to mumble "Must buy Christmas album!" in their sleep well before Thanksgiving. Glee: The Music, Christmas Album Volume 2 is out November 15, ahead of Black Friday madness, but two whole weeks after Justin Bieber drives his claim in the holiday soundtrack game, warming the cold hearts of haters everywhere in the process. Ratings are already down, could album sales be next?