On the next Glee, Blaine looks to lead the New Directions on their quest to Regionals by kicking and gyrating his way through the McKinley halls, attempting to trade slushies for backup dancers during his interpretation of "Wanna Be Startin' Something'." Santana, Brittany, Mercedes and Kurt—wearing one of his bolder winter fashions—help to further this take charge attitude by dropping in on the library and disrupting any outside projects their teammates were previously working on. (But with Rachel present, those binders probably contain copious notes of performance strategies and mock set lists.) Because show choir is more fun than studying, the remaining members of the group are not a tough sell, and once unified, they're quickly transported to yet another well-lit auditorium stage, sporting various looks from Michael Jackson's career: "Thriller" red leather jacket, black fedora, etc. Mike Chang once again gets a chance to shine mimicking the King's moves, but it's Blaine from start to finish who steals the show. Thanks for speeding up production so that Criss could be involved, Ryan Murphy! How did we make it so long without him? Watch below.