Welcome to Mike Posner's latest video "Looks Like Sex," celebrating those women who meet the Duke graduate's carefully determined qualifications for resembling coitus. While he appears to have a long list of specifications—or not that long of one at all, depending on your vantage point—our notes have led us to believe that Posner's ways to "look like sex" include, but are not limited to, wearing glitter, any kind of leather and immersing yourself in body paint. Only one woman is brave enough for the latter, yet needs to be peeled off the bathroom floor, while the majority of her peers women prance around in stressful looking lingerie so complex it requires two of them take it off. For the song's title, Posner is rendered surprisingly passive, mostly acting as a spectator/narrator yet enjoying the proximity to drawn tubs and an inviting bed, while redefining Vince Vaughn's definition of a "bullseye." As a congregation of women conduct Cardio Striptease-type choreography, Posner smirks mischievously to his unidentified friend as the lights begin to glow—because that's when the fun really happens. At least he left the door open for a sequel? Watch below.