Well, for those of you out there with anxiety about the approaching new year, here's one thing you have to look forward to: A$AP Rocky releasing the "best fucking record ever." The Harlem rapper was recently asked by UK magazine NME about his New Year's resolution, and rather than go the typical, stop biting your nails / cut back on coffee drinking route, Rocky decided to go the self-aggrandizing, backwards-looking route with his response:

Just to put out the best fucking record ever. I think I've done that so maybe I need another one.

Yeah, maybe another one would be good. Not that we think the upcoming LiveLoveA$AP is incapable of being nearly that good—we really like the  songs ("Goldie," "Fuckin' Problems," "1 Train") that we've already heard from it, and even though it seemed a mite ridiculous when Kenrick Lamar predicted good kid, m.A.A.d city would be the best album in 20 years, some people would probably say he was right about that. But New Year's resolutions are generally about correcting one's flaws, rather than providing self-promotional quotes for articles like this. Just saying.

For the record, this wasn't even the most arrogant quote in the interview, with Rocky also telling the mag that the reason the album's release was delayed from its initial 2012 target date was that it's "got things on it that’s so out of this world that it's taking so long to get mastered." Maybe a humility-related resolution for 2014, then?