As of Wednesday, Google Music has gone live from beta testing to actual public use. The service, like iTunes, allows you to both upload and store your own music (up to 20,000 tracks, it claims) and share music with others—though the only music you can share is the music you purchase through Google from their Android Market. The store has more than 13 million tracks available, though not yet any artists from the Warner Music Group, which includes Linkin Park, Bruno Mars and The Eagles, among others. and they are currently offering a good deal of free music, meaning those stingier listeners out there who have been waiting years for a copy of Augustana's "Boston" are finally in luck.

PC World did a pretty good job of breaking down the things you need to know about the new online music sales and storage service, but so far, for us, it looks a lot like Google Plus did compared to Facebook: Some advantages, some disadvantages, but who wants to bother at this point really? Let us know if and why you see it differently.