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Gorillaz' Brooklyn Spirit House is now open

The pop-up installation will be in Williamsburg for the next three days

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Get ready to get spooked.

Animated alt-rockers Gorillaz have been making headlines as of late, from the announcement of their headlining slot at Miami festival III Points to the announcement of their first live interview with BBC Radio 1 promoting upcoming album Humanz. The band, helmed IRL by musician Damon Albarn and designer Jamie Hewlett, is as notoriously mysterious, and this week only New York fans will be able to enter their world via a Williamsburg-based haunted house.

Seemingly drawing inspiration from the video for their latest track "Saturnz Barz (Spirit House)," the pop-up installation will be at Industria (39 South Fifth St.) until April 23rd before it appears in Berlin and Amsterdam. The installation, a collaboration with Sonos, will feature music and videos from the band's new album and will give fans an inside look at the band's daily life. Keeping this in mind, we should expect an intimate look at the day-to-day creation of Gorillaz' world, with possessed pizza slices most likely hovering over their heads.

Due to high-demand, it's no longer possible to RSVP to Spirit House, but we encourage you to make the trek to Williamsburg and take a shot. If you're too broke to head to Meadows or III Points, what other chance will you have to truly immerse yourself in this idiosyncratic band's equally-unique world? Buck up, get on the L Train, and fight your way to the front for a shot at entering Spirit House—you'll thank us later.

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