For at least another week, there's no unseating "Somebody That I Used to Know." on top the Hot 100, where the Duo Down Under reigns for a third straight week. Remember the days when there were people with names like Rihanna, Adele and Katy Perry topping the charts? No more—it's nine weeks running now that pole position has been held by dudes named Gotye and Fun (and also Kimbra and Janelle Monae). "Somebody" even becomes the first song ever this week to have three weeks of 400,000+ digital sales, a remarkable feat for a song about people who still collect records. We will look back at this period of pop music one day and be amazed at how young and innocent we all were.

The biggest threat to Gotye's Hot 100 supremacy comes from arguably the only song on the chart right now better than "Somebody That I Used to Know." Our Girl Carly Rae Jepsen slides up another couple spots this week, moving from seven to five, her "Call Me Maybe" looking progressively more unstoppable with every passing week. (Who would even want to stop it? You've already listened to it seven times today, admit it.) Did you see that Lamebook "dissertation" that was basically just a big shoutout to this song? It's just the greatest song. We live to serve it.

Nothing else of note happens in the top ten this week, except that Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" looks to be reversing trajectory a bit, slipping from 4-7 largely thanks to a dip in radio airplay. It'll be interesting to see if the song's much-anticipated video has a say in turning the song's commercial fortunes back around—it'd be mighty surreal if Jepsen gets a #1 before her, uh, significantly more popular mentor does.