The world is just going to keep making us post about "Somebody That I Used to Know" covers, isn't it? (Recap: Aubrey O'Day went all Ashley Madison with it; the Internet at large went all GTFO with it; infinite others went their various ways with it, and instead of recounting the whole caboodle we'll just leave you a link.)

That said, it's pretty noteworthy when the cover comes from the man himself. Gotye told the Chicago Sun-Times that he'd be uploading his own STIUtK video before he goes on tour in North America next week, and that it'd be "true to the spirit of all this." In other words, Gotye's doing a Gotye parody. Is there a phrase for whatever's beyond "full circle"? Doing a 540? Reaching its inevitable epilogue? Whatever it is, this is that.

While Gotye was talking parodies, incidentally, he shared his favorite:

"My favorite may be a solo guitarist called Mike Dawes. He's got these incredible, alien-like fingers all over the acoustic guitar. There's also a metal one that's pretty hilarious. Full shredding -- I loved it."

And while we're talking Gotye: if our close reading wasn't detailed enough for you, Sound on Sound has an even closer take on the track. This, too, has Gotye's endorsement.