When you have a top-ten song in the country for any substantial amount of time, things happen to you. Things like Glee covers and Israeli bouzouki covers and some music website picking apart your lyrics. This is a reality Gotye just has to get used to, no matter how much he likes Glee'd up covers and endless parodies.

Today's endless parody comes courtesy of YouTube's Bad Lip Reading, and it's not bad! The vocalists they found are pretty plausible Gotye/Kimbra analogues, and though the arrangement sounds nothing like "Somebody That I Used to Know," it sounds like a pretty great song in their own right. Then there are the newer, wackier lyrics. They're just as bitter as the original! This could completely be what Gotye was really thinking. We analyzed the original, so let's analyze this:

"And the genie never got me off! Am I glad I keyed that van? It'll make me fly when you're rubbing that thing... Been dreaming I could strangle you, and it felt so wonderful."

On second thought, this is horrifying. Gotye was not really thinking these things. It wouldn't fit the mental image we'd like to keep. Let's see how Kimbra responds to these words:

"Who really thinks you have a Waldo sack?"

Waldo, like Where's Waldo, which also goes by the name Where's Wally, which is Gotye's real name...aughhhh.

Lesson learned: do not try to analyze the lyrics to bad lip readings. It will destroy you.