Kanye West appears to have long learned a lesson that Jackson Pollack and Jasper Johns and them never much cared to, which is that high art is eminently marketable to the hip-hop community as long as you got some tig ol' bitties involved. Kanye has already demonstrated this principle with his "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" and "Cold" covers, and now he goes for the hat trick with the cover to his G.O.O.D. Music label's Cruel Summer album, a relief-style rendering of a woman with closed eyes grabbing her breasts. Yeah, sorry—no actual nakedness in this one, though the realistic way closed-eyed woman's breasts are scrunched somehow makes it more suggestive than your average implied-nudity sculpture.

Anyway, if you showed us a picture of the cover and asked us which upcoming album it was going to be representing, chances are pretty good we weren't going to guess the new Animal Collective record. Cruel Summer comes out September 4th.